Kelli Grant, the Queen of Swing™

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Kokomo Theatre


Kokomo Theatre
2400 W. Marshall - Longview, TX
(702) 601-9427

April 7th, 2018
"Swing Me Back to Texas"

the only female to front the Former Texas Playboys
The Queen of Swing, Kelli Grant

takes her audience on a trip into the archives of
Western Swing. A ONE Woman musical production
based on the #4 hit tells stories of what it was like to
ride and record with the man himself Bob Wills,
the King of Western Swing as told to her by these
legends, "the Boys who made the noise
known as Western Swing", a line from the song.

ALL SEATS - $20.00
Reservations Required

Coming Soon! Part 2
"GIRLS Doo It Too!"
Saluting the Female Side of the Year by

Please email / text for reservations
Live from Las Vegas & Branson Missouri
the Queen of Swing, Kelli Grant

the Queen of Swing, Kelli Grant

Coming Soon!
Starring in
"Swing Doo Rock"
50's Swing, DooWop & Rock 'n Roll

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